How do I create my survey?

What is a survey?

Once you have developed the Logic Model of your Impact Framework, you need to build a survey for each stakeholder in order to collect data on expected outcomes.


Where can I create a survey?

1.   Click the Impact Frameworks button on the left-hand navigation panel.

2.   Click the impact framework that you wish to create a survey for.

3.   Click on the Surveys button located at the top centre menu of the Impact Framework Manager page.

4.   Select the Stakeholder who will be responding to your survey.

5.   Once a stakeholder is selected, all the measures you attributed to that stakeholder in your logic model will appear in the drop-down menu of the Survey builder tab.

6.  In the Survey Builder tab, simply click the name of a measure and it will appear in the survey builder form.

7.  To assign a question to a measure, click the Add question button and add information for the following fields:

a) Question type (e.g. Integer, Yes – No, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Multiple Select (integers), Text, Date)

b) Question (name of the question). The questions and answer choices will be visible to your survey respondents.


How do I create options for my multiple-choice questions?

1.  For multiple – choice questions, enter information about options into the Options tab.

2.  Select the Add or Delete buttons to add or remove fields when creating multiple-choice options.

3.  Click the Save button.

4.  To add multiple questions, click the Add Question button as many times as applicable.

5.  To customize the order of questions, click the Gear icon on the left-hand side of the measure.

6.  Select options from the drop-down menu  to apply further customizations to survey questions.

7.  Click the Send surveys button at the right-hand side of the page. This action will take you to the Data Collection page where you can export, view and import your survey.


Key things to remember

  • If you are the creator of a given measure, you can change the data type in the Library (e.g. from Multiple Choice to Yes-No).