How do I create my logic model?


What is a Logic Model?

A Logic Model (also known as a results chain, results framework or outcome map) is a tool used by funders, managers, and evaluators to measure progress toward achieving expected outcomes. In SAMETRICA’s software, the Logic Model is a sub-component of the impact framework. It lays out the causal relationships between the inputs, activities, outputs, and expected outcomes of a given program, policy, or project. These relationships are mapped to each stakeholder group of your initiative in order to measure the outcomes each group experiences.


Where can I create my Logic Model?  

  1. Click on the Impact Frameworks button on the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click on the name of your impact framework, or create a new impact framework.
  3. Click the Add stakeholder button on the right-hand side of the page. You must add a stakeholder in order to configure your logic model and data collection tools.  
  4. In the pop-up window, enter the names of the people that you wish to collect data from (e.g., participants, staff, or community leaders, etc).
  5. Click the Save changes button.
  6. Add as many stakeholders as applicable to your logic model.
  7. Select a Stakeholder to begin applying measures.
  8. Grey boxes appear with the headings Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes and Outcome Indicators, General, Process, and Demographic – you will drag and drop measures into these boxes.
  9. Find the measures that you want to add to your logic model. To do this, browse or search for the measures from the measures panel (the orange tabs on the left-hand side).
  10. For each stakeholder, drag and drop measures into each of the corresponding boxes for Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes and Outcome Indicators,General, Process and Demographic,

Key things to remember

  • For more information about the categories in the logic model, see the SAMETRICA Glossary.
  • When the My measures tab of the measures panel is selected, only the measures that you have added to your own personalized library will be shown.
  • When the Library tab of the measures panel is selected, all of the measures in the Global Library will be listed.
  • Select the Add to Library button at the top-right hand corner of the page to add measures to your library.
  • Use the Search box in the measures panel to find other measures in order to customize your logic model.