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What happens to items that I delete from my account?

You can delete any logic models, surveys, Excel forms, and reports that you have created. Please note, that you can only delete items that you have created and not items from other user...
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How do I use the library?

What is the Library? The Library is an extensive collection of outcomes, indicators, and financial proxies that can help you build an impact framework and capture data related to your program or initiative. This is where you can either select an appropriate outcome,...
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How can I view my reports?

How do I create reports? from SAMETRICA on Vimeo. Where can I create reports? 1.   Click on the Reports button on the left-hand navigation panel. 2.  Click the Outcome reports tab. 3.  Select your program from the Step 1 bin. 4.  Select your impact framework from the...
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What are the system requirements?

How do I access SAMETRICA’s software on my computer? The table below shares the hardware capabilities required to use SAMETRICA's software.    What type of operating system should I use? We recommend using one of the following operating systems:   Windows 7...
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