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What is the log history button?

After you have uploaded your data in the software, you can review details of your team’s activity on the data collection page. To view this information, click the Log history button under the survey information...
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How do I update the measures in my logic model?

1.   Click the Library button in the left-hand navigation panel. 2.   Using the Search field, look up specific outcomes or indicators by keywords. 3.   Click the Edit button in the Edit column. 4.   Update information about your measures. 5.   Click the Submit button...
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How can I access support?

1.   First, have a look at our Help Center, a knowledge base containing how-to articles and videos about using SAMETRICA. 2.    Still have a question? File a...
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How can I manage my users?

What is user management? This section includes information about how Admin users can manage and control their user’s access to the software.   I want to create a new user. 1.   Click on the Settings button on the top right-hand corner of any page. 2.   Select the...
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